SCDCS are  pleased to be the Illawarra and Sth Coast Distributors for some new and innovative products.

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Smartmixx is available for Sale and Hire


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Colourmix logo 2003 FINAL_1Colourmix is added to a batch of concrete before pouring, Integral Colour’s enhance the appearance of concrete. The colour will not chip, crack or wear off like coatings because color is thoroughly mixed throughout the concrete.
Concrete surfaces treated with Colourmix Colour, including driveways, pathways, patios and lobbies, can be coloured to complement the surroundings. The colours can be used in conjunction with concrete stamping to simulate the appearance of stone or masonry.

Colourmix Colors provide contractors with a simple way to produce attractive concrete surfaces with virtually no additional labour.

Colourmix is a cost-effective and easy-to-use. Pre measured and prepackaged for error-free batching and accurate results: add one bag or two bags depending on colour choice per cubic metre.

The two advantages of integral colour are speed of placement and colour mixed through the whole slab. When placing integral coloured concrete, pay close attention to the amount of water used. It is also best to have the pigment added at the ready-mix plant. With these two things in mind, placing integral coloured concrete is just like placing gray concrete. Having the colour mixed through the slab allows the contractor to begin finishing sooner with fewer issues concerning surface crusting.

Wire LogoWire Industries ... Wire Industries is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of reinforcing steel products and services. From the beginning, Wire's focus has been to build relationships with clients through consistent supply of the highest quality product and service. Wire Ind is Australian owned and operated. Wire Industries strength lies in Their capability to service a diverse range of projects - from residential driveways to high rise buildings, bridges and other large civil engineering projects. Wire Industries are ACRS accredited.


NewLook has been enhancing the image of concrete with its eco-friendly, water-based, non-acid, non-acrylic Concrete Color Stains. They are completely opaque, extremely maintainable, breathable, and will not change the texture of concrete.NewLook's Concrete Color Stains were developed to fix common concrete color problems like discolored, blotchy or stained concrete, wrong colors, failed acid-stain, and more!

NewLook's family of Concrete Color Stains provide endless possibilities in coloring and faux finishing concrete.
Enhancing the Image of Concrete . . . Green Since 1989


Newlook your architectural and commercial concrete to the next level with the NanoSet™ Polishing System. Our revolutionary concrete polishing system of densifiers, sealers and cleaners leverages all the sustainable advantages of polished concrete flooring. The design versatility of the NanoSet™ Polishing System gives your customers the economical, low-maintenance, high-performance solution needed and delivers it faster, better and greener. It is unmatched in durability and reliability. And it can help you achieve phenomenal results more quickly for either new or existing concrete.

CupolexCupolex ...CUPOLEX® is a patented structural dome concrete slab system made from recycled non-toxic Polypropylene. Each dome easily inter-connects to create a self supporting structure acting as permanent form work, as an alternative to RibRaft polystyrene and/or hard fill in your concrete slab. Not only does CUPOLEX® provide an absolute barrier and reduces potential for rising damp with no capillary action possible, but it also is cost effective.
                                                           Concrete foundations finally become ...GREEN


Penetron® is the world’s leader in Total Concrete Protection. Our range of products have been used in projects throughout 60 countries worldwide for many years, providing outstanding protection for concrete in commercial, domestic, industrial and infrastructure applications. Penetron® products are non-toxic and approved for use in potable water storage and delivery systems worldwide. They are designed to make concrete watertight and significantly increase its resistance to chloride penetration and/or sulphate attack in aggressive environments. The Penetron® system includes waterproofing admixtures, water stops, coatings, mortars, saturants, and anchoring compounds. Click here to see our full range.


Designer Concrete Coatings systems are a modern alternative to standard concrete paving finishes at a competitive price over clay brick or tile alternatives.
Our decorative concrete paving systems are formulated to achieve excellent performance and durability. Drive on, walk on, Designer Concrete Coatings products look good, and are superb value for money.


Primeexposure ...Prime Exposure is a water based chemical retarder used to expose the aggregate in horizontal/vertical concrete surfaces. It delays the set of the mortar paste on the surface to a controlled depth. It does not kill the set of the main concrete. The paste may be removed by washing and brushing, after the set of the concrete, to expose the aggregate. After retardation has finished, the concrete cures to its full strength.

Aust U & SAustralian Urethane & Styrene ... AU&S manufactures and cuts a variety of foams, including polystyrene, polyurethane, polyisocyanurate and other speciality foams. AU&S also supplies ISOBOARD extruded polystyrene.

Lo-AG-PulieThe management and staff of AG Pulie are committed to the best possible professional practice and providing the highest quality services to our clients. It is our pleasure to introduce a great range of quality products that A G Pulie has sourced from here and overseas. We have taken the time to listen to our customers’ needs and source only the best products for the job. AG Pulie's research and development team are constantly looking at ways to best serve and supply our customers. Whether it's an ergonomically designed handle or a light weight material, its the attention to detail that makes our products standout from the rest. Ultimately this makes life easier for our customers.

Lo_ARDEX_logo_The new range of ARDEX Flooring Adhesives for internal floor coverings including carpet sheet and tile, vinyl sheet, vinyl plank, vinyl tile and linoleum floor coverings have been formulated with clear focus on the Australian installer preference.

ARDEX new flooring adhesives products have been developed to impact positively on our environment. We are using recycled pails in our packaging including a special (IML) label eliminating the use of any paper printed labels. ARDEX scientists intend to use ingredients that have no or little VOC content. ARDEX flooring products have been independently tested to the Green Building Council Green Star Specification for Office Design (IEQ-11) and Office Interior (IEQ-13). Here is the link to the ARDEX App that will help you with all the products and calculators at your fingertips.

DuraCore manufacture and supply a full range of decorative concrete products which are the world's most technically advanced systems for concrete repair, moisture proofing & protection treatments. Our concrete sealer range, concrete coatings and moisture barriers are second to none. Years of personal use of the DuraCore range has given us the confidence & knowledge necessary to provide you with the ultimate in concrete protection and technical advice.


EzyTube   is a 100% Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of innovative formwork systems for creating round, square, rectangle or custom shaped concrete columns.
Ezytubes  aim is to offer smarter, more cost effective ways to build concrete structures of all sizes, with the added benefit of improved safety, environmental protection and the highest quality of surface finishes.


Safeguard Cargo Nets, formerly Gorilla Cargo Nets, are used and recommended by governments, resource and utility companies, tradespeople, and the 4WD and recreational market across Australia.

Safeguard Cargo Nets have proven themselves in Australian conditions for many years. They are also UV stabilised and the range is backed by a 12 month manufacturer's warranty. They're a unique way to protect your load legally and securely, while protecting the safety of those around you and the environment. Even better, Safeguard Cargo Nets are simple and easy to use - just cover, hook and go!


For over 10 years - Con-Form has been leading the way in concrete boxing, taking the place of heavy timber formwork such as LVL. The lightweight flexible boxing is designed to suit many applications.

Joiners give an almost seamless finish and the Camlocks make setting out and adjusting as simple as turn and twist.

Think of how much timber you would buy in 7 years, add the extra set up and stripping time, and see why Con-Form is not only going to eliminate splinters in your hands but also the draining of your wallet.

GlobalGlobal Synthetics ...Global Synthetics provides a complete range of geo-composite drainage products and systems for complete point source water management. Global Synthetics drainage products and systems manages stormwater as a resource and enhances the social and environmental amenity of the urban landscape. Global Synthetics drainage products are lightweight and efficient to install. The products are a replacement for traditional aggregate drainage treatments

PropexPropex ... The Fibermesh "network of reinforcement" reaches every cubic inch of the concrete section for uniform reinforcement that minimizes early age cracking, reduces water migration, increases impact, abrasion and shatter resistance and provides residual strength and crack protection throughout.

Lo_Research_ProductsAt Research Products we really know hard floors. Since 1982 we've been designing, developing, testing and marketing innovative products for the hard floor cleaning and maintenance industry. Hospitals, schools, large stadiums, gyms and pools, factories, industrial work sites and construction sites all require specialized cleaning solutions to ensure clean floor surfaces and to provide a safe and hygienic environment. Floor surfaces are many and varied including extra heavy duty tiles, durable linoleum and concrete or the high quality polished timber floors used for sporting arenas and large halls. Whatever the cleaning, maintenance or specialty hard floor requirement, you can be assured Research Products have the right product for the job.

Hychem Logo

Hychem .... Hychem have introduced powerful new technologies to compliment the range of epoxies, such as ultra fast-cure Methyl Methacrylates and versatile Cementitious Polyurethanes which specialise in extreme service environments.

Nutech LogoNutech ... Recommended for a wide variety of decorative and protective concrete surfaces. Nutech Distributions sealers, seals and protects concrete providing a durable surface ideal for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Nutech sealers provides an attractive finish for new and old concrete. The Sealer range is available in low sheen, semi-gloss and high gloss clear glaze and also a wide range of designer traditional and heritage colours to brighten up even the most boring concrete surface.

Logo ccs

CCS .... CCS is one of Australia's leading manufacturers of concrete colouring systems, They know all about bringing colour and life to plain grey concrete. So, whether its a residential, commercial or streetscape project you are undertaking, CCS are sure to have the right colours, products and information for you within our website. If however, you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Lo-AFreemanAitken Freeman P/L, founded in 1994, is a privately owned Australian company based in Springvale, Victoria. The company manufactures and distributes a range of specialty construction products including: Adhesives, Concrete Repair, Concrete Treatment, Floor Treatment, Grouts & Anchoring, Sealants & Mastics, Surface Coatings and Waterproofing. In addition to the above standard range of materials, Aitken Freeman pride themselves on their ability to provide a product to suit individual clients' special requirements, including arranging on-site visits to provide technical support or solutions.

Sika LogoSika ... .Sika is a global company with a world-wide network of subsidiaries active in the fields of speciality chemicals for construction and industry. Sika is committed to quality, service, safety and environmental care. Our world-leading branded products are all proven solutions and are based on our core capability in the following areas:
Sealing - Bonding - Damping - Reinforcing - Protecting

Topcon Logo

Topcon .... Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) is the global leader in developing and manufacturing of precision positioning equipment. The company offers the largest selection of innovative precision GPS and GNSS systems, commercial lasers, optical instruments for surveying and civil engineering applications, machine control, and agricultural products.

Dramax LogoDuramax .... Duramax manufactures a comprehensive range of texture and architectural coatings including: Trowel-on Roll-on Spray-on in a variety of finishes to provide an outstanding and weatherproof coating for your house, building or factory.

Duram LogoDuram .... The Duram range of waterproofing products include the following technologies: Water based - Latex, acrylic and polyurethane. Solvent based: Single pack moisture cure and two pack systems. Impregnants: Acrylics, siloxanes and water bourne. Duram Industries manufactures a range of anti-slip and floor coatings in single pack polyurethane technology as well as water-based urethane/acrylic technology.

microashmicroashTM is a highly reactive alumino-silicate pozzolan1 designed to increase strength, reduce permeability and increase the durability of concrete. Its effectiveness in concrete is derived from three main characteristics, spherical shape, particle size distribution and chemical composition. Microash decreases water demand, lowers concrete permeability, achieves higher strengths, continues developing strength at late age and Improves durability.

Lo-Reln Reln is a multi-award winning and quality-endorsed Australian company, known for designing and producing innovative quality plastic products for the Australian and international markets.

Widely acclaimed in both industry and environmental forums, Reln manufactures its own lines of domestic and industrial products with applications as diverse as surface water drainage, plumbing, agriculture, aquaculture and gardening. Reln also provides design and product management for leading manufacturers in the packaging, automotive, medical, electronic goods and consumer industries.

South Coast Decorative Concrete Supplies Pty Ltd

Supplying all your Concreting & Construction needs from Helensburgh to Eden

South Coast Decorative Concrete Supplies is a company established twenty two years ago to supply the building industry with solutions for domestic, industrial, commercial & home handyman project.

We also supply a large range of construction materials specified in the industry by Architects and Engineers.

South Coast Decorative Concrete Supplies are the largest supplier of concrete products and specialised construction products on the South Coast. We have the solutions to make your concrete look better and stronger.

With three conveniently located supply centres in Bomaderry, Batemans Bay and Yallah, we make it easy to find the products that you require.

Our range is extensive, we have products for almost any application. You will be surprised by what your concrete can look like.

SCDCS has the living concrete solutions for your specific project.

Come in and see us today and we will show you our decorative range, construction products & reinforced steel range.

For more information contact a sales outlet in your area.

South Coast Decorative Concrete Supplies

Download our Credit Application Form Email:

1 McIntyre Way
Bomaderry 2541
Ph: 4423 5111

70 Princes Highway
Yallah 2530
Ph: 4257 2611

1 Russell Lane
Batemans Bay 2536
Ph: 4472 4944

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